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Most of what I submit contributes to a story I had come up with in the spring of 2008, then called "That Guy" but now officially entitled "About a Guy".


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AaG - Misunderstanding by itara-ananke

It's the joke that got a Daily Dev. Imagine my surprise when I woke up the first day of my Spring Break, checked my dA inbox and found this info out. I'm honored, seriously, but let's be honest - it's a little shameful. If this says anything at all, it says that anybody can get a DD, even a regular person like me.

Just wondering: How many of you guys read "About a Guy"? 

28 deviants said I am completely up to date with the entire story and awaiting the next capter.




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About a Guy - Under Construction [update 02]

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 2:42 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix 1
"About a Guy" will undergo some major changes in the coming days. These changes will include architecture, story arcs and character dialog. All chapters and seasons are subject to varying degrees of editing. 

* While a season is under construction, it will go into storage and be unavailable for viewing temporarily and will reappear by chapter.
* Now with a log of changes made to each chapter. Bold text notes important changes

[Update 01: First Summer]
Quick notes: Guy and Jamie have more dialog between them now. Guy speaks with his accent now. Architecture of house has been changed - will upload new floor plan soon.

[Update 02: First Fall] See log below for details.
Quick notes: A lot of dialog changes. More Guy and Jamie stuff going on. Big changes to a few chapters. 

- Prologue: Changed architecture.

=First Summer= 
[Ch 01]: Changed/Removed/Tightened of dialog. Edit invisible fan scene. Changed academy name. Changed architecture. Changed Guy and Jamie interaction at end of chapter.
[Ch 02]: Changed/Removed/Tightened of dialog - more between Guy and Jamie. Guy speaks with his accent. Changed architecture.
[Ch 03]: Changed "Tanaka" to first name "Seiji". Changed some dialog. 
[Ch 04]: Changed architecture. Changed and added dialog. Changed ending scene.
[Ch 05]: Changed architecture. Added dialog with Davis.
[Ch 06]: Tightened up dialog.
[Ch 07]: Added/Tightened up dialog.
[Ch 08]: Removed a lot of dialog. 
[Ch 09]: REREAD: Changed entire first half of chapter. Now in perspective of victim. 
[Ch 10]: Changed dialog.
[Ch 11]: Replaced dialog between Jef and Jamie. Removed scholarship details. 
[Ch 12]: Little to no changes made. 
[Ch 13]: Little to no changes made.
[Ch 14]: Added dialog "John".
[Ch 15]: Almost no change. Changed some dialog in the second half. 
[Ch 16]: REREAD: Added more to the ending between Guy and Jamie. ;) 

=First Fall=
[Ch 01]:Changed house architecture. Changed breakfast scene at the diner. Added more between Guy and Jamie. 
[Ch 02]: Added dialog about scholarship to the first half of the chapter.
[Ch 03]: Changed/Added some dialog.
[Ch 04]: REREAD: Changed how the committee is sitting. Added info about France. Made Jamie more frustrated with interview. Added more questions to interview with intermission. Changed number of votes. 
[Ch 05]: Changed ending scene in the tunnel; added more dialog between Davis, Guy and Jamie. 
[Ch 06]: Changed house architecture; added a line of dialog between Guy and Jamie. Almost no change.
[Ch 07]: Changed Guy's painting to a Greek theatre. Made it seem like he is purposefully interrupting Jamie and Jef's date. 
[Ch 08]: REREAD: Made Guy more arrogant; Jef insinuates that Guy spoiled Jef and Jamie's date. Added a significant amount of dialog. Jef implies at end of chapter that Guy has feelings for Jamie. 
[Ch 09]: Changed some dialog. Natasha is now an M.D.
[Ch 10]: Changed dialog in second half; Guy has been suppressing his accent as opposed to hiding it all together.
[Ch 11]: Changed some dialog; Added dialog and "Debauchery" talk REREAD 
[Ch 12]: No Changes
[Ch 13]: Changed some dialog; added "G.U.Y."; added engagement ring.
[Ch 14]: Added "harassment" lines to Guy's dialog; changed some dialog; changed dress to an adult dress.
[Ch 15]: Changed some lines at dinner scene; relatively unchanged.
[Ch 16]: Continuity fixes; changed some dialog; relatively unchanged. 
[Ch 17]: REREAD Power returns to the house almost immediately; changed ending of chapter; Jamie falls asleep in Guy's bed. 
[Ch 18]: Continuity fixes; relatively unchanged. 

Be on the lookout [because the up-to-date readers know how important even the smallest details have become].

Look forward to it!


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